Local and Global Pricing Insights

International Pricing: Understanding Differences

Posted by Stratinis on 30-Jan-2018 07:06:29

Our friends over at PriceBeam recently posted this article about how to improve international product launches through pricing:

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Revenue Control: Implement Control but Maintain Flexibility for the Sales Team.

Posted by Stratinis on 29-Jan-2018 13:26:33

Revenue Growth and Revenue Control go hand-in hand. In organizations with many customers, products, price points, discount types or rebates, it is key to keep the net revenue under control. Net revenue being defined as Quantity * (Gross Price minus all discounts minus all off-invoice rebates minus all other monies flowing to the customer). If the company manages gross prices / list prices, but let's sales teams discount arbitrarily, then net revenue tends to tumble as discounts grow. 

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8 Ways to Improve the Success of Price Increases

Posted by Finn Helmo Hansen on 05-Dec-2017 11:05:00

This is the time of year when many companies are planning or executing price increases for the new year. Some are successful and reap considerable improvements in profitability. Others have difficulty in making the price increase stick. And others simply fail to implement a price increase.

Over many years working in the pricing industry, I have seen a number of things that successful companies do when it comes to implementing the price increases. Here are some of those insights.

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Marketing Investments and Pricing Power

Posted by Stratinis on 21-Sep-2017 10:40:58

Together with our partners over at PriceBeam, we are holding an exciting webinar in 2 weeks time about how to use willingness-to-pay insights in the decision making process for marketing investments.

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Should Cost be part of a Dynamic Pricing Model?

Posted by Stratinis on 18-Jul-2017 06:00:00

It can be. But, as with most things in business, it depends. In this example below from an e-commerce company, cost makes up the starting point.

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Building a Pricing Simulator for Sales People

Posted by Stratinis on 06-Jul-2017 19:13:27

Pricing Simulation for sales people can be highly useful in many situations. It can help assess price increases, or simulate different profitability outcomes when applying different assumptions. It can also be useful when e.g. merging companies to see what different scenarios play out well for the merged company versus the customer. 

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5 Pricing Areas to Train Sales People on in M&A

Posted by Stratinis on 05-Jul-2017 19:21:52

In Mergers & Acquisitions it is common that several sales organizations are merged. The result is that people often need to sell new products or services, and that they need to negotiate prices and deliver value arguments that they are not familiar with. Here are 5 areas that can determine whether the pricing side of a M&A implementation is successful or not:

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Putting Structure to Pricing in an Acquisition

Posted by Stratinis on 04-Jul-2017 10:47:23

Our partners over at RevBeam wrote a great blog post today about how to make pricing the hero of an acquisition:

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Dynamic Pricing and Machine Learning in Pricing

Posted by Stratinis on 03-Jul-2017 17:30:19

In some industries, if not most, prices have historically only been changed infrequently, but the emergence of Dynamic Pricing and the benefits it brings to sellers is changing that. Dynamic Pricing in itself is simply to update prices (more) frequently based on an underlying pricing model, in order to optimize prices in accordance with demand, competition, market conditions, customer willingness-to-pay and more. 

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Revenue Control: Continuous, Incremental Profit Improvements

Posted by Stratinis on 21-Jun-2017 12:46:18

Controlling revenue in B2B, as well as B2C, means being on top of what prices and discounts are offered to each customer. 

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