Stratinis Webinar: Pricing to Regional and Global Key Accounts

Stratinis is pleased to announce its upcoming webinar on “Pricing to Regional and Global Key Accounts” hosted by CEO and Founder, Mr Finn Hansen on the 24th January 2013.

Regional and global key accounts represent a challenge for many international pricing people, as these key accounts more and more often compare prices, discounts, rebates and triple net prices across the different countries they buy products in. If a supplier has subsidiaries in Germany, China, Brazil and USA, the likelihood is that they will be charging differently for what is essentially the same or similar product. International buying teams are building structures and systems to increasingly discover such discrepancies and will exploit differences to their advantage. Pure price harmonisation is also usually not the solution as it will cost profits in price concessions as well as impact prices locally.

In this webinar we will look at the different challenges when pricing to regional and global key accounts, and suggest approaches and techniques for how to optimise that pricing and discounting.

The webinar will now take place on Thursday 24th January 2013 at 1500 Greenwich Mean Time / 1600 Central European Time / 1000 Eastern Standard Time. The session will last approximately 45 minutes with the opportunity for participants to ask questions.

Should you wish to participate, please contact for access details.


How To Control Year-End Discounting

For many businesses, December means the end of their Financial Year and a time when sales teams tally up their accounts and reflect on their successes and failures. As a result, sales teams will frequently try to boost their numbers by pushing sales through in November/December and we see a much greater than average number of off-invoice discounts being given to customers who agree to place orders before the end-of-year deadline. In particular where sales teams are rewarded based on volumes and not profits, this practise can be an effective one for sales teams to hit the sales targets that trigger their bonuses, but detrimental to the business counting costs of these sales.

For many companies working with dispersed data, it can be well into January before they appreciate the true cost of these discounts, by which time it is too late to prevent it. A pricing tool like Stratinis Pricing Suite however, can give management and budget-holders near-instant visibility of both on- and off-invoice discounts and rebates so that they can be tracked and justified. Rules and alerts can be set to prevent or limit the value of off-invoice discounts and pricing control can be retained at this important time of year.

To find out more about how Stratinis Pricing Suite can help your business track discounts and rebates, contact us at, or visit our website

Stratinis Announces Release of Stratinis Pricing Suite Cloud Edition

Stratinis is proud to announce a brand new edition of the Stratinis Pricing Suite pricing tool, Stratinis Pricing Suite Cloud Edition.

Building on the success of Stratinis Pricing Suite Enterprise Edition, Stratinis is delighted to offer this new edition of its software, aimed at businesses who want a light pricing solution in terms of implementation and IT management but with the capabilities of an enterprise software solution. Some customers might prefer to initially focus on one country or sales region; some only wish to start with a low number of users; or perhaps would like to focus on a few specific pricing modules. Stratinis Pricing Suite Cloud Editionoffers great flexibility to suit these users, combined with the performance and functionality of an enterprise-class pricing tool.

As a web-based solution, Stratinis Pricing Suite Cloud Editionacts as a centralised application where users can access pricing information, analyse scenarios and set proactive guidance for how the company should deal with pricing for certain segments or clients. Stratinis has used its extensive experience in price management across diverse industries to develop a range of comprehensive reporting and analytical functionalities that are tailored to address the many pricing challenges customers face.

Stratinis Pricing Suite Cloud Edition is managed and run in the cloud, and therefore requires very little effort from the IT department. Using Microsoft’s secure Azure platform, Stratinis Pricing Suite offers excellent security, guaranteed uptime and the backing of Microsoft in making sure the platform stays available and reliable.

Stratinis Pricing Suite Cloud Edition is also financially very accessible. You can start with a single user and expand user licences when the need arises. Through flexible, short term monthly or annual contracts you can keep costs under control and within expectations.

To learn more about Stratinis Pricing Suite Cloud Edition, please visit our website: