Big Data At Your Utility

Intelligent Utility recognise the Internet of things, empowered consumers, stringent regulations and digitization have changed the approach towards data in utility industry. Utilities need to see big data not in isolation, but as an importance force in their digital re-imagination – to take a more holistic collaborative approach.

The current challenges include:

  • Fearful of starting with limited knowledge 
  • Do not have the correct organizational structure for a big data culture that enables trust between business, data scientist and IT
  • Do not have people with the right skills to tackle big data

The question remains how to tackle such issues? TCS has a specific big data concept that they invest in called a 4D approach:

  • 1D: Define the right use cases and pinpoint the biggest opportunities to create value from your data.
  • 2D: Determine the right algorithms, goals and constraints to deliver on those opportunities
  • 3D: Deploy the right IT systems to model conditions and integrate data
  • 4D: Delineate the right data domain and relevant sources.


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