Dynamic Pricing in a Post-Uber World

Dynamic Pricing in a Post-Uber World

Forbes delves into how dynamic pricing refers to the setting of prices for a good or service based on the demand for said good or service at the moment and the availability of supply. It sounds like Econ 101 and essentially it is, with the added complexity of pricing becoming a moving target, changing almost in real-time depending on what is happening in the market at that moment.

For retailers – and for the hospitality and travel industry before it – dynamic pricing has helped maximize revenues in a high-cost, low-margin world. In the case of retailers specifically it has also proven to be a great offence against showrooming, precisely because the prices are always changing.

All retailers do it to some degree or another—Amazon is a great example but so are brick-and-mortar retailers like Sears and Wal-Mart. It is Uber, however, that has come under fire for the practice from its customers,


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