Local and Global Pricing Insights

International Pricing: Understanding Differences

Posted by Stratinis on 30-Jan-2018 07:06:29

Our friends over at PriceBeam recently posted this article about how to improve international product launches through pricing:

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Should Sales People Know the Floor Prices?

Posted by Stratinis on 14-Jun-2017 14:25:20

Pricing in B2B sometimes including setting a Floor Price, i.e. a pocket price that sales people are not allowed to go below for a given customer, at least not without prior approval. They are usually internal numbers not shared with customers, for the obvious reason that any buyer worth his salt will immediately push for that price if he knew how low the sales executive is allowed to go. But what about what the sales person him or herself? Two main school of thoughts exist:

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Managing International Pricing - Setting Pricing by Country

Posted by Stratinis on 08-Jun-2015 14:50:00

More and more companies sell outside their home country. Not only has it become easier and cheaper to reach markets around the world but often a specific customer segment in Germany has more in common with a specific customer in France or UK rather than between two different customer segments in Germany. This means there is a good business case for selling abroad, for both small as well as large corporations.

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