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8 Ways to Improve the Success of Price Increases

Posted by Finn Helmo Hansen on 05-Dec-2017 11:05:00

This is the time of year when many companies are planning or executing price increases for the new year. Some are successful and reap considerable improvements in profitability. Others have difficulty in making the price increase stick. And others simply fail to implement a price increase.

Over many years working in the pricing industry, I have seen a number of things that successful companies do when it comes to implementing the price increases. Here are some of those insights.

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Putting Structure to Pricing in an Acquisition

Posted by Stratinis on 04-Jul-2017 10:47:23

Our partners over at RevBeam wrote a great blog post today about how to make pricing the hero of an acquisition:

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Get a Stratinis Speaker to speak about pricing at your upcoming event

Posted by Stratinis on 06-Jun-2017 16:27:36

Are you looking for someone to speak about pricing and profit optimization at an upcoming event? Get a Stratinis Executive to come and speak:

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Pricing & Brand Health

Posted by Stratinis on 09-May-2017 11:10:28

In consumer goods, assessing a brand's health can be useful in many strategic discussions. Should you invest in the brand/business, should you milk it or should you even consider selling it? Even, what kind of marketing spend should you put behind in next year's budget? Pricing and consumers' willingness-to-pay can play a crucial part of the decision making in such situations.

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5 Things That Drive Profit When Doing Price Increases

Posted by Stratinis on 05-May-2017 07:01:10

Price increases have the potential of increasing profits significantly. Afterall, a 3% increease in price delivers on average 30% increase in profits (the average company has a 10% profit margin).

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7 Ways Investors can Increase Portfolio Value through Pricing

Posted by Stratinis on 04-May-2017 08:07:49

Working dilligently with pricing can often yield superior profits, both for the company doing it but in case of Venture Capital / Private Equity also for the investor. Here are 7 things to consider as an investor:

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