Local and Global Pricing Insights

Building a Pricing Simulator for Sales People

Posted by Stratinis on 06-Jul-2017 19:13:27

Pricing Simulation for sales people can be highly useful in many situations. It can help assess price increases, or simulate different profitability outcomes when applying different assumptions. It can also be useful when e.g. merging companies to see what different scenarios play out well for the merged company versus the customer. 

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Revenue Control: Continuous, Incremental Profit Improvements

Posted by Stratinis on 21-Jun-2017 12:46:18

Controlling revenue in B2B, as well as B2C, means being on top of what prices and discounts are offered to each customer. 

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Get a Stratinis Speaker to speak about pricing at your upcoming event

Posted by Stratinis on 06-Jun-2017 16:27:36

Are you looking for someone to speak about pricing and profit optimization at an upcoming event? Get a Stratinis Executive to come and speak:

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Still Places Available for our Webinar: Dynamic Pricing & Machine Learning

Posted by Stratinis on 05-Jun-2017 09:39:37

Don't forget: on June 7th we are organising a webinar about how dynamic pricing and machine learning can improve prices in e.g. E-Commerce, retail, and other industries with frequent price changes.

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Learn from Stratinis' Experts - Webinar on Global Price Optimization

Posted by Stratinis on 13-Feb-2017 07:08:27

Finn Hansen, Stratinis CEO will host a webinar about how to optimize prices globally on March 8th. Webinar attendees will learn how to take local market specifics into consideration when creating a global price optimization approach.

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Australia to question Apple, Microsoft and Adobe on Local Pricing

Posted by Stratinis on 11-Feb-2013 12:04:00

The Australian Government has ordered Apple Inc, Microsoft Inc and Adobe Systems Inc to appear before its parliament to answer questions about their pricing in Australia.

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Top 10 issues companies face in international pricing

Posted by Stratinis on 25-May-2011 16:08:00
  • Different commercial realities: you cannot just harmonise everything
  • Lack of internal transparency
  • International sourcing trends: buyers comparing prices across markets for the same or similar product
  • Coordination between markets without disrespecting local commercial practices
  • Harmonization where not needed
  • Different accounting & controlling standards
  • Different people cultures
  • Lack of common internal language about pricing
  • Different levels of market maturity suggests different pricing strategies
  • Grey market trading

At Stratinis we specialise in international price management. If your company is looking for international price management solutions, please visit Stratinis website.

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