Webinar: Managing off-invoice discounts across borders

Webinar: Managing off-invoice discounts across borders

On November 3rd Stratinis is hosting a webinar on the topic of managing off-invoice discounts across borders. This is a topic that many international companies see as a big challenge for many reasons: there can be issues international customers comparing pocket prices across countries, to get the best net price after all off-invoice discounts. There can be profitability questions, i.e. if some customers really "deserve" the off-invoice discount spend levels they receive. In some organizations it is a challenge of transparency and understanding real customer profitability, as off-invoice discounts may be managed in different systems than "pricing" and thus analyses on the total customer profitability is difficult.

We will touch on this and much more during the webinar. Please visit our website to learn more about our price management software and sign up for the webinar.

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