Webinar: Price Management During Mergers and Acquisitions

Webinar: Price Management During Mergers and Acquisitions

03 July 2013
Location: Online

Stratinis is pleased to announce a new webinar on the topic of "Price Management During Mergers and Acquisitions", on 3rd July 2013 and hosted by Stratinis' CEO and Founder, Mr Finn Hansen.

Merging two companies involves many different business areas, from sales to marketing over finance, IT, production, HR and much more. Very importantly, in many mergers and acquisitions, prices and pricing processes also must be merged.

In this webinar we will look at the challenges managers are faced with when creating new prices, discount and rebate systems and general pricing processes during a merger or acquisition. Through the Stratinis Price Management Framework we will look at new condition systems, market positioning, dealing with the personnel involved, along with IT and tools and much more.

This webinar will take place on 03 July 2013 at 1500 British Summer Time / 1600 Central European Summer Time / 1000 Eastern Daylight Time. To participate, simply email and access details will be provided ahead of the webinar.    

We look forward to seeing you there!


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